Friday, June 3, 2011

YAY!!! :D

Yay! I completed my last assignment for the semester. Phew!
But I can't be too happy yet. I have to sit for my finals like in 2 weeks time? :( I have to start tomorrow so that I can get good grades. :D

Anyways, we were told to do our internship at the end of this year. From the month of December to February. 3 full months of intern. No holidays for me.... I am deciding to intern in Shell or maybe P&G. Hope I get it. Or maybe I can try Loreal. We'll see how things go. * SO WANNA WORK IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY* :(

Going up Genting in few mins time to release stress... :D xxx

Monday, May 30, 2011

1 more to go!!

Finally, the moment that I have been waiting for, I have only one more assignment left to hand-in! Like FINALLYYY!! But it brings me a step closer to my finals. Good or Bad? :/ This semester is totally stressful I must say. The subjects are not easy AT ALL! :( So worried about Management Accounting and Business Law. Well, I got the Lord with me, everything will be okay. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philppians 4:13 Amen.

My family came up KL for the weekends.(parents went up Ipoh on Sat and Sun for LC. :( ) So I guess its just some quality time with my sisters and uncle Chu.My weekend was pretty decent. If only my parents were around, it will be much more perfect! They drove back today cuz Rachel has to catch a flight to Jakarta and Bali for a holiday. ( Jealous! ) I want to go to the beach!!! :(

anyways, my friends and I were planning to make a trip to Melbourne next April! Well, that get me all excited already! :P They are suppose to buy the ticket on November and the trip will be on April, for nine days! Arhh.. I am so going this time! I wanna meet Uncle Chu and Aunt Theresa. Spend some time with them and stuff. Plus, David MIGHT tag along! Who knows? But I am SOOOO EXCITED! :DD hehe...

Anyways, back to my Marketing assignment now... :(


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Evening Look

Casual Look (looks pretty boho to me. :D)

Work ( Behind the scenes)

(From Left: Zheng Hui, me and Yen Yen)
David and I <3
Shan and I. ( She is my stylist for the day! :D)

Today was my first ever time modelling (its not really modelling, it is just a school project). I was actually helping out my highschool friend Yen Yen in her school final project. Well, overall experience was fun! Yen Yen rented the outfits from Padini. In my opinion, the outfits are amazing. I am considering to purchase it! :P We did three looks: Work, Casual and Evening wear.

Too add on, my boyfriend is so awesome. I gotta thank him for everything today. For fetching me to college all the way from Damansara to Puchong to pick me up, then taking
my sisters out. He is really amazing! I love you sayang!! <3

PS: the photos aren't the official photos, there are just the 'behind the scenes' images taken by my sister. :P

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Facebook Statuses

I just came across a few old statuses which were posted by my darling. I just can't help but feel the sweetness in my heart. I feel the butterflies in my stomach too. It just made me laugh when I saw this.

It has been 11 months and 3 days since we got together. Happy 11th monsary to my one and only! :D I am so happy to have you, I am so delighted that our love and bond are growing stronger day by day. I LOVE YOU!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

You are my hope, Jesus

This is the first ever post I really posted about God. This few weeks have been really hectic, busy... It was literally crazy. I could not even breathe. I was so desperate for God to actually work a miracle in my life. It was so tough, and it has been awhile since I really sat down quietly and actually prayed to God. Out of desperation, I did. I felt bad that I actually went to God out of desperation, because I should look to Him, pray to Him and talk to Him every single time. Amazingly, God as always would never forsake me. He was there.

He lifted my burden. My shoulders were lighter. As written in Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength. It is really true. Jesus gave me the strength to go through this week. It was so amazing.

Jesus, you are so real in my life.
" In our life be lifted high, in our world be lifted high. "
Thank you Jesus. I love you.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't give a damn

I never got so mad in life before. It almost drove me to my grave. I finally confronted her. I tried so hard to get my point to her, but dang... it doesn't get into her thick skull. She is all concerned about how she feel rather than opening up her ears to listen, or rather, open up her eyes to read what's in the context. She might think I became a total mean bitch. Well, let it be then. I was very much offended by all the things she said, those that were right in my face. I despise the way she would unintentionally( thats what she said, pathetic) said those hurtful words. Also, the vulgarity that comes out from that mouth of hers? Unbelievable. People around her might think I am way mean to her... but to me, I am not. I am just trying to let her know, she weren't being nice to me in the first place (she was before she met that bunch of monkeys.) why must I be so nice to her? iisshh.... Her boyfriend is a total douche. He got David and I pissed till the core. I just wanna laugh at him like mad. I mean what does it got to do with him. Arhh... Shallow minded people should just beat it man... what a douche.

I felt a burden lifted off. I feel much better rite now anyways. I said what I need to say. I could careless about what they think. Especially people from FY. I never like that school anyways, leaving that school was like starting a new life again. People there can suck ass. ( except my awesome friends. )

Monday, March 21, 2011

Well Rested! :)

My eyes look so small today... :(
Maybe because I slept so much last night, and I actually slept through dinner time, and thanks to the weather which have been totally co-operative with me, I had rested well enough.

A big yeah for today because I have only one class, and later its badminton session! :) Cardio time! ;) but for now its homework time... :(